Silent Lapse moves on to final round because of YOU!

Silent Lapse at the Orbit Room 3/8/13

Silent Lapse has officially won the online voting to advance to the final round the the WGRD Rocktagon Battle of the Bands this Friday, April 5th. We owe this all to you and know that we couldn't have gotten anywhere near the finals without your support!

Come see what you did at the show! We'll have tickets available soon and will keep you up to date. Thanks again!


Concerts Added: Two More Stops in Grand Rapids

We are pleased to announce two additional shows in Grand Rapids, which as of late is becoming our second home (and we love it!).

First up is an ages 21+ FREE show on Saturday, 3/2/13, at Mulligan's with Sleepeater and our friends Flood The Desert.

Second is an ages 16+ ($8) and 21+ ($5) battle of the bands on 3/8/13 at The Orbit Room. Our success in this depends on your vote, so we'd be honored if you'd come on out and help us take over the Rocktagon Throwdown! Tickets are available to buy on our Shows Page.


Watch Silent Lapse on Backstage Pass Online!

Watch Silent Lapse | Season 4 on PBS. See more from BackStage Pass.

In case you missed us on TV (more broadcasts to come), you can view the entire concert and interviews online. The concert footage is awesome, and we are excited that those around the world for whom we haven't had the pleasure to play live will get to experience the magic of a Silent Lapse show. Let us know what you think of it by contacting us in the forum!


Silent Lapse Concert Footage Broadcast on PBS on 1/20/13

The time is nearing... On January 20th at 7:00 EST in Michigan, an hour-long Silent Lapse concert will be broadcast on your local PBS station (channel 23 for the Lansing area) through the critically acclaimed Backstage Pass program. This is a big deal, and we're all extremely excited that the concert that was so fun to play and professionally captured in hi-def video 6 months ago will finally be available for you to see! If you're not in Michigan around the time of the initial broadcast, it will be available online and will be broadcast more than once. We'll keep you up to date on the online availability. Until then, check out this interview that was done at the time of the show: Backstage Pass Interview


Recording of the second studio album has commenced!

Check out the first studio diary. This is one of many to come that will serve to document the recording process and hopefully entertain as well.


Show Added: Psychostick support 12/1/12 at Rak's Sports Bar, Jackson, MI:

Come see us open for national touring band, Psychostick! Psychostick is best known for their breakout hit "BEER!!!" among other hilarious displays of catchy metal. Saturday Dec 1st, 2 stages, multiple bands, doors at 3. Get tickets on our shows page for only $5.


NEW: The Official Silent Lapse Forum is Live!

Join or browse the Official Silent Lapse Forum to talk about the band with us and other fans! This is the best way to discuss the ways of the world pertaining to Silent Lapse.


Show Added: Silent Lapse and Otherwise on 8/1/12 at The Loft in Lansing, MI:

Reserve your tickets on our Shows page now!


Backstage Pass Recap, what's next:

Silent Lapse and Brett King After Backstage Pass

Silent Lapse and Director, Brett King after the Backstage Pass event. Photo by Trina Schneider

First of all, thank you very much to all the fans who came out to this very special show! The energy we felt from all of you was amazing and something we'll remember for our whole lives! A huge thanks as well to the Backstage Pass crew, who were all extremely accomodating, helpful, and really made us feel like we belonged, even though as the show's first metal band, we were in foreign territory.

If there was one point for me that summed up the night, it was when we got done playing our new song: A Good Fight. We played the last note and the crowd erupted in quite possibly the loudest and most prolonged cheer of the night, to which Scott reminded them, "You don't even know that song!" The support at that moment was amazing and the push that is giving us right now to move forward with the new stuff is invaluable. This was one favorite moment of many from that night. Luckily you'll all be able to relive the entire thing when it's broadcast in 2013. We'll let you know when we find out more details!

In the wake of Backstage pass, we'll be doing fewer gigs during the summer due to our hectic schedules. This means, however, that we'll be concentrating more on creating music during that time, which is an even trade-off to me. Taylor and I (Mitchell) just sat down the other night to hash through the new concept and order our first six nearly-completed songs so we would have a better idea of where to go with it. We both left his house giddy over what we'd come up with. We hope all of you are having a great summer, and we'll be updating you on any new material as we're able. See ya!


Want to be on National TV with Us?

Reserve your tickets for WKAR's Backstage pass concert filming featuring Silent Lapse now and be a part of the crowd!

Silent Lapse on Backstage Pass


New Song "No Home" (Acoustic) Video Online!

Very exciting news! Our newest completed song is on YouTube and in acoustic form! This is a break from the norm for us and we're very happy with the results. This is just a glimpse of things to come. Check it out!


Silent Lapse set to Perform on WKAR's Backstage Pass June 27th!

Backstage Pass

We are extremely excited about this amazing opportunity to play this FREE to the public show! It will be recorded in HD and aired on WKAR sometime in 2013 on a national level! This is a huge honor for Silent Lapse, especially as we are the first metal band to ever play Backstage Pass. A special thanks to WKAR and everyone who made this possible!

Directing the video will be Brett King, friend of the band and director of "The Wake" music video. Brett knows our music very well and will do an excellent job as always!


Two more shows added, plus photos!

As I said, June is filling up... wouldn't it make me a liar if we didn't come out with more June shows announcements then? How about two? June 8th we'll be playing at the Blackened Moon in Lansing, MI, and June 16th we'll be at the Oakwood Lounge in Pewamo. Check our shows page for more details!

Also, we added a couple pictures from the 4/14/12 show at the Pewamo-Westphalia Auditorium. View them all on our Band Page!



More shows added!

Good day! June is filling up with shows! We'll be playing the Montcalm Teen Center in Carson City, MI on June 1. This is a great gig we've done before and we look very forward to every time! It is my belief that some of our best fans show up at that gig.

We're looking forward to announcing 1-2 more June shows in the coming week in addition to a very special show toward the end of the month that we're waiting very anxiously to be given the go-ahead to share the details. Keep checking back for updates. We hope to see you at one of these!


April 14th "Kony 2012 Benefit" gig added!

A hometown gig for all our fans that are close to home... and anyone else who's willing to make the trek to support a worthy cause! Playing that same night with us will be "Memories for Tomorrow". Thanks to them for inviting us! All ages show at Pewamo-Westphalia Auditorium. Entry is $3 at the door


March 2nd "Blackened Moon" gig added!

Come on out to the Blackened Moon in Lansing and see us open for XFactor1 on March 2nd! Tickets at the door. It should be a fun night as always!


"The Wake" Video is Live! 2/14/12

Here it is! Hope you like it! Special thanks go out to everyone who contributed to make this possible, especially: Aidan Thomson, Andrew Bennett, Autumn Feldpausch, Nolan Feldpausch, Kate Platte, Kyle Koenigsknecht, Cindy Aldrich, Paul Was, Lucy Nurenberg, Abby Wieber, Cindy Gilkey, Chuck Biewer, Kristen Girard, Austin Pline, the Frechen family, along with all those who gave their time on the set during those extremely busy, fun and unforgettable two days. Again, special thanks to Brett King at The Scene Magic for making this all possible and having the vision.


"The Wake" music video to be released tomorrow.

We've had a hard time keeping it from all of you for this long, but the time is finally upon us! Tomorrow (2/14/12) we'll be releasing the music video online so all of you can see what we've been so excited about and what so many of you have been generous enough to help us make!


Welcome to the re-designed!

Welcome to the new site! This is where you'll find all the most up to date info on the band, music and shows. Take a look around. We think you'll like it!


Music Video Release: Valentine's Day 2012! Pre-Release Teaser Online

So, we gave everyone a sneak peek at the entire music video last night at the Ark in Westphalia, but the video won't be released to the rest of the world until February 14th (Valentine's Day)... so what do you use to curb your appetite until then? You view THIS TEASER!

Thanks again to everyone who braved the wintery weather to come out to the Ark on Friday! It was really cool to have so many who haven't seen us before, and the sea of Silent Lapse apparel was very encouraging! God bless, and we'll be looking forward to unleashing the video to the world on 2/14, so until then...


Music Video For "The Wake": Filming Complete!! 11/29/11

As Scott mentioned in the October Update below, we filmed The Wake music video over Thanksgiving weekend. It was an aggressive schedule with setup all day Friday and shooting Saturday and Sunday from 8-6 and 9-5 respectively... a restful Thanksgiving weekend was not in our cards this year, nor for all the rest involved... So, what were our thoughts after the last frame was captured? AMAZING!


We worked with about 25 people ranging from makeup (I know, I didn't think we needed any either) to actors, camera crew, food ladies, behind the scenes cameras, lighting, extras and much more. Everyone did a great job, graciously taking care of their part, and Brett King (director) made our job easy with his flawless organization and vision. So much so, that our duties for the first day were whittled down to making sure the coffee pot was full... which was actually no easy task as we soon found. These people liked coffee... a lot.

After talking with the rest of the band I think it's safe to say that we were wandering around in a dream the whole day on day one, just watching these people so willingly and skillfully bringing our song to life in front of our very eyes. Quite a powerful experience for us, and one we'll never forget.

Sunday was the day we in the band were all looking forward to. We were to film the band performance side of the video that day. We came in expecting everything to be as great as the day before, but were pleasantly surprised when our expectations were blown out of the water yet again. The visuals were stunning and I remember thinking that it's going to be really hard for us to look bad on camera, so again, our job was made easy. We really can't wait to see (and for you to see) the whole thing all together! We know it's going to be great!


October Updates! 10/25/11


So, we played our show with the Finding Clyde, some good guys who put on a good show. And now, as difficult as it may be to see from a distance, we're really rolling on a couple important projects that we're really excited about.

First, our music video for The Wake is so very close to coming to fruition. With our friend Brett King, we went to check out our location, and it didn't take long on location to see that this really is going to be a quality, professional product for you to enjoy. Shooting will happen just after Thanksgiving. Stay tuned on what you can do to help us out.

And equally of note, writing for the new album is really picking up steam now. We're finding that we're much further along in the process than we initially realized. And I've got to say that some of the stuff that Mitchell has come up with has me (Scott) throwing superlatives around with reckless abandon. Suffice it to say, I'm extremely excited about where this is headed, and you should be, too. I think...

Get ready, cuz here stuff from Silent Lapse comes!















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