Silent Lapse was formed in 2007 by brothers Mitchell and Taylor Feldpausch, originally to play a one-off festival gig dubbed "Arkfest" in their home town of Westphalia, Michigan. The brothers recruited singer/keyboardist Scott Martin and bassist Matt Schrauben whose musical abilities became apparent through the members' interaction on the "Metalisgood" music discussion forum Matt founded. The four played Arkfest in August of 2007, outdoors to a crowd of about 250 excited fans. Their set was composed entirely of covers, ranging from Breaking Benjamin to Dream Theater and Joe Satriani.

After the success of Arkfest, the four decided they would continue on to pursue creating an album based on the original music Mitchell and Taylor had been working on for two years prior.

The music was dark and heavy with infectious melodies and intertwining themes flowing throughout. The dual-guitar nature of the music prompted the band to search for a second guitarist, whom they found in Wyatt Aldrich, a friend of the band and talented guitarist from a neighboring town.

Their first album; "Birthright," was complete within two years of the full band writing and rehearsing together. The band began recording in July of 2008, starting with the drums in an auditorium, and ending with the rest of the instruments and the vocals in the Silent Lapse rehearsal space. Mixing and mastering was done by Jens Bogren (of Opeth and Katatonia fame) in Sweden and lasted from March until the official release in June.

The album was met with widespread praise, and the band played many shows supporting it.

Following Scott's short absence from the band in 2010, the five found new perspective and became a tighter-knit unit, developing a tactic to get themselves heard by as many people as possible… The tactic? Remove all barriers: give Birthright away for free.

This was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, especially from the Internet community, drawing numerous positive reviews and expanding their reach exponentially while gaining repeat attendees at live shows.

In late 2011, the band's relationship with film director Brett King brought about a music video for "The Wake," from their debut album. The video is a scheduled for a Valentine's Day 2012 release. Silent Lapse has begun writing the follow-up to Birthright, and built a studio where rehearsing and recording will take place.

Be ready for Silent Lapse in 2012. Everything up until now was just warming up.